Promotion for the customer who subscribe online account of Nikkei Asia, The Economist

Promotion for the customer who subscribe online account of Nikkei Asia, The Economist

Promotion for the customer who subscribe online account of Nikkei Asia, The Economist

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05/10/2021 15:48

Promotion for the customer who subscribe online account of Nikkei Asia, The Economist

The Economist, Nikkei Asia is well known as trusted, informative media. And you can subscribe it with full assistance from Global Book and get the gift card from 30th Step to 15th October 2021

Is it worth to subscribe The Economist and Nikkei Asia?

Follow Ms MaryBeth VanderMeulen, Business Owner at Creature Comforts Services

"The Economist - This publication is great for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the global economic and political landscape. The Economist rarely breaks big stories that cause an instant jolt in the markets. But its articles offer insights to economic trends that can have a major effect on investment portfolios.

The magazine has over a million subscribers, including print and digital-only subscriptions." She said

Nikkei Asia - The Voice of Asian Century is a weekly English magazine that brings you news and insights on the region's most influential companies, plus comprehensive coverage of politics, the economy, markets and trends - all from a uniquely Asian perspective. 

With more reporters and contributors across the region than any other business publication, only Nikkei Asia can give you a view of business in Asia from the inside. The Nikkei Asia draws on the editorial resources and expertise of the Nikkei Group.This includes The Nikkei, Japan’s leading business publication, and the Financial Times, the world’s most trusted source of business news. Stay abreast of the latest news, analysis, and insights with Nikkei Asia

Why do you subscribe via Global Book Corporation?

As distribution representative of The Economist, Nikkei Asia, we can

Understanding the process to bring you the convenient procedure 

We can help you contact media when you need while using the ID

We can issue the invoice for your taxation

Do the payment via bank strafer, safe and secure

The same price as the website of The Economist, Nikkei Asia, but you can get the added promotion when you register from 1rst, October to 10th, October.

You can get 50,000 VND when you register 1 ID, and 100,000 VND when register 2 IDs.

For more information, you can full fill the link HERE, we will contact you soon.

Michelle Hà Bùi


Global Book Corporation - Distribution of The Economist, Nikkei Asia in Việt Nam. For further information, please contact us via hotline

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